Chandra Road, Ambabai, Jhansi, U.P
CBSE Affiliation No. 2133663
UDISE Code : 09360405910

Out Efforts

To assist student become mature, spiritually oriented persons of character and thereafter help them to build in themselves and integrated national character with love and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of the country and discourage communalism. To instill in them the spirit of nationalism patriotism and brotherhood. To develop the habit of self-confidence, self-reliance with independent reasoning and judgment. To inculcate values of respect love and to obey their elders, parents, teachers and further to discipline themselves for hard work, creativity, cooperation, team work and leadership.

To inculcate in them dignity of labour, self-respect and love for others especially towards those who are less fortunate. To imbibe values and habits of honesty, integrity and loyalty, responsibility, regularity, respect, politeness, neatness and diligence. To identify their talents, and fields of interest and develop them with able guidance.

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