Chandra Road, Ambabai, Jhansi, U.P
CBSE Affiliation No. 2133663
UDISE Code : 09360405910

Aims And Objectives

According to mahatma Gandhi “By education I mean an all around drawing of the best in child and man-body, mind, spirit”. Education is not merely development of mind but also of heart, feelings and emotions of a child. The innocence of child transforms into maturity. The child becomes a life and aware of the situations in which people live and grow. The aim of the school is all around development of the student. Care is taken to assist each child grow academically spiritually, aesthetically, morally, emotionally and physically in homely atmosphere.

It thus aims at making its contribution towards transformation of the existing social conditions so that he principles of natural and social justice, quality and freedom as enshrined the constitution of India may prevail keeping together human dignity and self respect. To this effect, special efforts are being made.

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